LAUNCH- BSF V2017.0813

Good news!  The domain has been successfully mapped to this here new and much improved site!

Bad News!  There are still some bugs with the email notifications, as the news feed is still also tied to the Google feedburner, and the domain still links to content on the Blogger site.  Utterly…fascinating.

Anyway, hope you check it out, click around the awesome, yet still scant, content, and let me know what you think!  Is there something for everyone?giphy12m2.gifgiphythoryes.gifJennifer-Lawrence-Yes.gifgiphyyesband.gif

See?  I told you.

Seriously, your support is invaluable!

So bother me, please, I’m putting off writing my next book!



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The universe planted many ideas in my mind. I pass them off as my own, but know they're stolen. My ideas gain traction, grow, and consume me. I become my ideas. The universe implants the idea of me in my brain. I am stolen.


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