My ideas have a incubation period.  If I hatch them too soon, I get Halteres.  If I wait a little longer, I get Opposable.  And when they tear themselves from my mental womb, I get SPIRE.

While I still consider Halteres and Opposable commendable endeavors, able to stand on their own in my universe, they are but the framework for a fully realized work of Badass Science Fiction; SPIRE.

The story will pick up where Opposable left off, but where Opposable left off is subject to change.  SPIRE will combine elements of Halteres, Opposable, and the yet to be birthed GHASM, all of which are subject to a great deal of change.

SPIRE will take place on Earth and Halteres, bring back most of the characters from Halteres and Opposable, and introduce many new ones, all of which are subject to…see above.

I’ll just tell you this, shit’s gonna get f**king unhinged in SPIRE.  We’re talkin’ trans-galactic warfare, seas of spilled blood, aliens of every shape and size, armies of murderous, telepathic cats, sex, drugs, punk, cabin parties, and more family drama than you take shake a turkey leg at.

Oh yeah, don’t worry.  There will be plenty of strong female protagonists, antagonists, role players, and cameos.  You do know Ghasm is female, right?


“What happened to Ghasm?”, you may ask.  Shut up.  Good question.  I’m still gonna write Ghasm.  It’ll take place concurrent to the timeline of Opposable and just before SPIRE.  I hate to make this comparison, but Ghasm will be like Rouge One; a stand alone companion piece to the primary story arc of Halteres and its subsidiaries.

As you know, NaNoWriMo is coming up in November.  I’m certainly not going to wait until then (but probably will) to get started.  I’m going to actually try and do an outline first, but you can expect much progress to be made during that month.

I’m not going to talk too much more about SPIRE (of which I already spoke too much), but I get excited.  I want to share my vision, especially with those who continue to stick with me.  As always, thank you RJT and MMM!

Now don’t bother me, I’m not not talking about a couple of books!



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