The I is active.  My mind is ablaze with ideas.  I can’t control them, but the I can.  That’s the problem, and that’s the solution.  I figure I figure too much to figure it out, so I’ll let the I do it for me.

I must share, but beware.  If you think too much about it, they’ll find you, and be one step closer to achieving their goal.  The host will become the rotting skin of its emaciator.

I’m being fed.  The I is telling me what to write:

  • Freelance paranormal mercenaries
  • Captive mutant feline surrogates
  • Terraforming through thought conductors
  • A-frame of the Mind
  • The Pagos Nefos
  • Vinco and Fours
  • Nooctails and Daemit
  • Quantum entanglement and teleportation
  • Guns
  • Hand formed cowboy hats
  • Visions both disgusting and oddly arousing
  • Green lightning
  • The Chalyvas Maul
  • Justice and Judgement
  • Halteres and Earth
  • Supervolcanoes
  • Cabin parties and mosh pits with aliens and mutant cats
  • Love

Alright, gotta get ready for work.  Until next time, stay frosty, I’m brain-barfing a book.


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