Half Bad. Half-Ass. All Badass.

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Well, he got the half-ass part right.  More like no ass.  If you hadn’t noticed (only RJT seems to), Badass Sci Fi has been dormant for awhile.  The master’s been busy, or preoccupied, or scared, or just plain friggin lazy.

Well, I decided I should step in.  If you’re new to this site, I’m Patton; Felis catus.  Domain- Eukaryote, Kingdom- Animalia, Phylum- Chordata, Class- Mammalia, Order- Carnivora…  Carnivora; I like that, although nowadays, with the changes I’ve been through, I’d defy any taxonomist to classify me.  Put a label on me.  I dare you.  I’ll kill you!

Sorry.  Don’t think I’ll ever be able to control that.  Whatever.  Anyway, here I am, surrogate blogger for someone who’s too busy watching Fury Road on his 4K UHD Blu ray player and OLED 4K UHD TV with HDR.  It was pretty fucking fantastic, but screw him.  He knows there are more important things to do…like blog…and instagram.  Speaking of which, here’s a picture of me just to get your head wrapped around just how awesome I am.


Oops.  Well, that’s embarrassing.  Hey, it was a rough night.  Like you haven’t been there.  And if you haven’t, you’re on the wrong site, because Badass Sci Fi will fuck you up!

Okay, so I will give the ‘master’ some credit.  He hasn’t completely lost it.  He has been trying to create an environment around us that fosters creativity amidst a soul-crushing world.  Look.


Not bad.  Half Bad.  And as far as the half-ass part, he made a weak foray into instagram.  Hey, he’s got 8 followers now.  8.  Here are a couple of semi amusing posts he couldn’t put up because he SUCKS at technology.

He cropped the crap out of this one.


And he had to resort to panels for this one.


Anyway, I’m done wasting my time on this.  The master will be back…or I will.  Fuck it.  Who knows.  There are ideas festering here, and unless they’re lanced and excised, they’ll rot and consume us all!  Now I’m just babbling.   This is hard, damnit!

Okay, until next time, don’t bother me (you can bother the master all you want).  I’m usurping a blog.


Oh, I almost forgot.  Shut up.  Herbert.  You just shut the hell up.

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