Don’t Reinvent the Universe


For me, creating a universe is fun.  I love doing the research, exploring the possibilities, honing in on the fantastic, and somehow making it plausible.

Some people build houses…I build worlds.  Two and a half of them, to be exact.

So why am I having such a hard time continuing on my projects?  Simple, I’m a perfectionist, and as I’ve said before, the search for perfection is futile.  It will drive you mad, shut you down, and allow you to accomplish nothing.

The beauty of life lies in its imperfections.  Embrace them, even enhance them, and you have art; and individual’s interpretation of an imperfect world.


I’ve set expectations for myself way too high.  I’ve set myself up to fail.  And I have failed.  But that’s the beauty of it.  I HAVE failed, and I’m still here, held captive by a vision that wont dissipate until it is realized.

I keep thinking (that’s my biggest problem); How can I make it better?  Where will I go from here?

But the answer has been with me the whole time.  Go back.  I’ve already done the work.  I’ve built the worlds, created the characters, written the history of my universe; Halteres.


Now, I imagine, this part will not be as enjoyable.  But I have to go back to the beginning before I move on.  That doesn’t mean I can’t still write down and even pursue new ideas.  That’s kind of the point; what I’ve already created will (WILL) inspire me to carry the vision forward, and perhaps someday, realize it in a way it can be shared.

Same goes for the blog.  Back to the archives.  I admit, there has been more stop and go with Badass Sci Fi than Denver rush hour traffic, but at least I still have gas in the tank.  Life has given me this opportunity.  I have been given these ideas, and just enough intelligence to make them dangerous.

So, for those who have been following (RJT), you may notice me revisiting some old ideas, reusing some archived blog visuals, and displaying a type of circular redundancy that may not be a benefit to anyone but myself.  For the other 99.9999999% of you, get ready for my greatest hits!


I’m not going to reinvent the universe, because that would be impossible, since it has always existed.  I am however, going to give it an upgrade, focus its image, and add clarity and color to its transmission.  Halteres 4.18.187328, or something.  And, no, I’m not f***in’ around with time travel!

Just know, the idea is out there, it always has been, and it is relentless.

Until next time, don’t bother me.  I’m upgrading a book.


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