HămBōCrăMō Summer Cram!


Sorry for the short notice, but this shit starts today!  30… Scratch that.

No excuses.  No regrets.  No promises.  No prisoners.

Actions speak louder than words, but words ARE my action.  So, words will speak louder than action!


Shut up, Dave.  Words are very necessary.  I fight a life long battle to the death with words, and words are winning.  If words win, I cannot articulate.  If I win, like I said, words are winning.  Gimme a friggin break!  That being said, they’re a necessary evil, which is good.

Man, it’s been a messed up…  To remind myself-

No excuses.  No regrets.  No promises.  No prisoners.

So join me!  HămBōCrăMō Summer Cram is on!  Let’s see what happens!

I’ll do my best, but no promises!


So!  There’s nothing worse than a broken promise, especially one made to one’s own self introspectively, in silence, in a dark room with no air flow.  Okay, I’m sure there are many things that are much worse, and hopefully I’ll write about them all.  I’m trying to make a point here!

Anywho, I promise I will keep this short.  I’ve already wasted three hours diddling around with the website, and it’s not even 7:30 a.m.  Yay, me!

So, until next time, don’t bother me.  I’m not promising to write a book.



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