Opposable Is Coming: New Science Fiction Book Series

Beware.  This could be happening to you.

Something is implanting ideas in Dr. Vanderbilt’s mind.  An entity originating two billion light years away, on a planet called Halteres, sends thought spores through the cosmos searching for habitable planets.  The spores, Sparks, germinate in fertile minds, creating a bridge between the two worlds.  Don’t worry if you have no idea what’s going on, neither does Dr. Vanderbilt.

The first Spark told Dr. Vanderbilt to document every detail of Halteres.  The second Spark told him to attach prosthetic hands onto his cats.  Don’t laugh.  This is serious.  Laughter comes later.

Now the ignorant pawn in a desperate war being waged on the other side of the universe, it will take a motley band of misfits to convince Dr. Vanderbilt he holds the key to stopping the imminent alien invasion.

Join telepathic cats, a punk rock veteran of chemical warfare, lilac vengeance, a combustible alien, and a severed head on a deranged road trip through the picturesque Rocky Mountains and Southwest. 

Will they knock some sense into Dr. Vanderbilt’s thick skull before all Halteres breaks loose?  Don’t count on it.

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