S**t Just Got Real.

Opposable Cover Reveal!

The cover is complete; featuring the incredible artwork of Michael Molinet.

Mark your calendars. Opposable will be unleashed on the world June 28th!

Meet the players (from left to right).

  • Sho- Brimstone Princess
  • Dr. Vanderbilt- Favored Conscript
  • Ottak the Head- COPP (Cephalic Otherworldly Psychic Parasite)
  • Ashleigh- Lilac Vengeance
  • Patton- Extreme Steel Pussy
  • Xeno- Veteran of Chemical Warfare

Unlike Ottak the Head, this cover has a spine.

The real f***in’ deal!

Sign up and get the prequel; Patton’s Sad Tail, now! See you in June.

Until next time, don’t bother me. I’m doing this.

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