Badass Sci Fi: Building Badder Worlds

Here at Badass Sci Fi, we pride ourselves in making every effort to ensure your Science Fiction experience achieves optimal Badassednessity.

On this front, we have failed. In this arena, we got our Badasses dropped, quick.

But here at Badass Sci Fi, we don’t run from a fight. We may crawl away and hide, but we don’t run, mostly because Badass Sci Fi is really out of shape.

Plus, we know there’s no escape. It’s hard when you have visions of Arca Trochia fairies dancing in your head 24/7. Plus…

It’s not that bad. And, oh, hey, before you give us any shit about the new logo being a blatant and shameless ripoff of the Weyland-Yutani Corp logo from Aliens, we know.

Badass Sci Fi LOVES the Alien Universe! Everything from Scott to Cameron, and even Fincher (Shh). We draw upon it for inspiration, but are wary of stepping on its toes. We did the logo as an homage.

Alright, back to the point. We’re not giving up. In fact, we’re not only doubling our efforts, but two-point-seven-three-or-something-timesing them.

Opposable- Second Edition

Currently in the works. Everyone who purchased a copy of the first edition will get one free! No huge changes, but enough to warrant a new edition.

Call it crazy. Call it stupid. Call it delusional. But Badass Sci Fi wants to release not one, but two new volumes of The Halteres Chronicles in 2020, because it is our vision (boo).

Spire- The Halteres Chronicles- Book Two

The continuing adventures of whoever made it out of Opposable alive.

Location scouting was recently completed and writing will commence after Opposable’s Second Edition is released.

Halteres- The Halteres Chronicles- Book Zero

A history of the planet and its inhabitants leading up to the events in Opposable.

A rough draft already exists, as if it wrote itself.

Well, there you have it. Thank you for your continued allegiance!

Until next time, don’t bother me. I’m cursing a book.

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