Welcome to the official year-round qualifying league for Battle Royale!

Only 20 Ultimate Badass Heroes and 20 Ultimate Badass Villains qualify for Battle Royale! Here you’ll find results, upcoming matches, and current standings as fighters vie for position.

We’ll have four types of fights-

  • Qualifying Matches- Between fighters who have never been in Battle Royale.
  • Ranking Matches- Between fighters vying for the top 20.
  • Grudge Matches- Between top contenders who have never fought each other.
  • Just For The Hell Of It Bouts- Just for the hell of it!

Suggestions for fighters and match-ups you’d like to see? Send them to league commissioner and emcee Major Victor Timmons.

Contact Maj. Victor Timmons

And as always, fights happen on Instagram and you decide who wins by voting in the comments!

Instagram @badassscifi





WEEK 1- 07/14/21

Dr. Frankenstein- 4

Dr. Hfuhruhurr- 2

Dr. Weir- 5

Dr. Hill- 4

WEEK 2- 07/20/21

River- 7

Leeloo- 6

Chet- 7

Bozo- 3

WEEK 3- 07/27/21



Lord Humungus-

Lord Crumb-

WEEK 08-03-21

Coach Bryles-

Coach Willis-



WEEK 5- 08/10/21

  • Gary King (The World’s End) Vs. John Finnegan (Deep Rising)
  • Coach Bryles (Class of 1999) Vs. Coach WIllis (The Faculty)

WEEK 6- 08/17/21

  • Creature (Deep Rising) Vs. Creature (Leviathan)
  • Reggie Bannister (Phantasm) Vs. Derek (Bad Taste)

WEEK 7- 08/24/21

  • The Operative (Serenity) Vs. Leon Kowalski (Blade Runner)
  • Nux (Mad Max: Fury Road) Vs. Kyle Reese (The Terminator)

WEEK 8- 08/31/21

  • Uber Jason (Jason X) Vs. Silver Shamrock Assassin (Holloween III: Season of the Witch)
  • Carl Jenkins (Starship Troopers) Vs. Kuato (Total Recall)

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