Badass Sci Fi Look Fors

  • Science Fiction as the primary thematic element (hey…hey)
  • Violence (Preferably gore-laced)
  • Quotable dialogue (Preferably profanity-laced)
  • BA baddies (Preferably slime-laced. Buddy, I think you’re slime.)
  • Righteous weapons and/or vehicles (Preferably guns, guns, guns!)
  • Rating of R, NC-17, X, or Unrated Preferred
    • But we all know what ‘unrated’ means. It’s pure marketing. They want you to think the unrated version is far worse (better) than the theatrical release. Sometimes it is, but usually it just means that particular version of the film wasn’t brought before the MPAA. Hell, they could’ve thrown in a picture of a daffodil and slapped an ‘Unrated’ on the package.
    • PG-13 or PG movies will be considered provided they adhere to the spirit of Badass Sci Fi and/or they occupy a special place your purveyor’s heart.
Disclaimer 1- Zombies vs. Deadites

Whether the ‘re-animated’ deserve inclusion here depends on the cause of the manifestation.

Re-animator- Green glowstick reagent- Science Fiction.

Dawn of the Dead (1978)- No more room in hell- Not Science Fiction.

Return of the Living Dead- 2-3-4 Trioxin- Science Fiction.

Evil Dead- Necronomicon- Not Science Fiction.

But yes, you will see Bruce Campbell plastered all over this site because he’s the shit and AoD has time travel.

Disclaimer 2- Star Wars and Star Trek

First of all, none of these movies are R rated. Even if they were (which would be awesome), we tend to steer away from these franchises. They get enough love.

Let’s give more to the others (James Cameron included).

Apologies to George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry.

Disclaimer 3- Superhero Movies

Again, most of them aren’t R rated (Deadpool, The Punisher, etc. excluded) and they get heaps of attention.

No doubt, movies like Man of Steel and Guardians of the Galaxy are excellent science fiction movies, but there are plenty of other resources for those.

Apologies to Stan Lee and Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson.

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