2021 Badass Sci Fi Battle Royale Bracket Set. Get Yours Now!

Don’t lie, your ‘other’ bracket imploded because you rode the Big 10 to utter defeat. Well, worry not, Badass Sci Fi offers you a bracket guaranteed to explode. Battle Royale 2021 approaches, and no matter who loses, you win.

We finally deciphered our multi-tiered, nested ranking algorithms. Then we completely disregarded them in favor of a bunch of ‘ooh, that’d be cool’ scenarios and ‘oh, sh**, I totally forgot about them’ moments.

Anyway, I think we got a hell of a tournament lined up. Matches start April 9, so get your bracket filled out stat!

Head on over to the Battle Royale page for the bracket, schedule, and details.

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Here’s a sneak peek at some of the ridiculousness we have in store.

I mean, really? Vasquez gets home field even though it’s her first tourney? You bet your ass she does.

All right, get ready. Until next time, fill out your brackets, I’m reliving every one of my dates in the 90s.

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