2021 Badass Sci Fi Battle Royale Champion- Snake Plissken



The official year-round qualifying league of Battle Royale.

So keep an eye out for grudge matches and qualifying bouts throughout the year.

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As always, fights are posted on Instagram and you decide who wins!


Additionally, all fights affect rankings.


Because only 20 Heroes and 20 Villains qualify for Battle Royale!

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And of course, if you have suggestions for fighters, match-ups you’d like to see, please contact Badass Sci Fights League Commissioner and Battle Royale Emcee, Major Victor Timmons!

Furthermore, he will gladly field any other comment or complaint.

So, Contact Maj. Victor Timmons

Send brackets to

Additionally, he’s got a bonus quiz for you!

So, what 15 movies or franchises are represented in his picture?

(Answers at end of page.)



  • No purchase necessary; no fee, no email sign-up, no bullshit.
  • Your information will only be used to notify you if there ends up being prizes.
  • Send brackets to
  • Brackets must be received before the first match starts.
  • Matches posted on Instagram and open for voting for five days.
  • Vote by indicating your choice in the comments.
  • One vote per username per match.
  • Individual Match Tiebreaker- First fighter receiving a vote advances.
  • Tournament Tiebreaker- Username voting earliest in the matches.
  • Employees of Badass Sci Fi are ineligible.
  • Rules subject to change.

Send brackets to

Most of all, have fun!

Thanks for checking us out!

Until next time, here’s the answers to Maj. Victor Timmon’s quiz!

  1. Mac’s Hat- The Thing
  2. Sentinel Sphere- Phantasm
  3. T-800 Robotic Eye- The Terminator
  4. Snake’s Eyepatch- Escape From New York
  5. Facehugger- Alien
  6. Wes’z Shoulderpads- Mad Max 2
  7. Jumpsuit- Ghostbusters
  8. Limbs- Robocop
  9. Deckard’s Badge- Blade Runner
  10. Ash’s Chainsaw- Evil Dead
  11. Herbert’s Syringe- Re-Animator
  12. Codpiece- A Clockwork Orange
  13. Trash’s Legwarmer- The Return of the Living Dead
  14. Brundlefly Leg- The Fly
  15. Background- Starship Troopers

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