…the literary equivalent of Jack Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson, and Douglas Adams, all dropping acid during a pulp horror convention.

Breakneck-paced, action-packed, and highly entertaining, this novel isn’t for everyone, but those who enjoy their literary escapism with a touch of WTF will enjoy this science fiction romp immensely.

~ BlueInk Review


…Opposable is gory and campy in all the best ways, with captivating characters to boot.

…a punk rock road trip novel featuring manipulative aliens,
psychic cats with opposable thumbs, and blood and guts galore.

The action and settings are described in brilliant detail…

~ Foreword Clarion Reviews


Super smooth flow of hilarity and gory sci-fi action.

Brilliantly dangerous, hilariously terrifying, disgustingly awesome, excitingly fun read!

Full of Sci Fi secret twists and hidden surprises. Like On The Road meets Mad Max meets Dune!

~ Ryan Taylor, Subject Matter Expert

Similar to Heavy Metal the movie.

This book reminds me of the movie 1981 version of the Heavy Metal movie.

…starts off odd and just keeps getting weirder. Yet it draws you into the story and keeps you there with mounting tension.

Vividly portrayed characters, out of this world drug trips, betrayal, and the ticking clock will keep you turning pages to the very end.

~ TH Leatherman, author of The Son Set


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