“You may know this device as the SCATHE, but I like to
call it the capsule of perpetual anguish.” [deleted] beams.
“You can give yours a name. It’s fun…”

[deleted] lifts me by my wrinkled scruff to my feet. With the
help of two technicians, [deleted] escorts me past [deleted] to
my sarcophagus of amaranthine wretchedness. [deleted]’s
right. It is fun. Damn him.

~ Opposable P. 331 & 334

The SCATHE (Self Contained Arca Trochia Hub Engine)- a device actuating the Spire by draining thought energy from favored conscripts (individuals possessing unusually fertile minds).


In electrical terms, the favored conscripts act as batteries, Arca Trochia provides the circuit, and the SCATHE is the transformer.  When activated, the SCATHE feeds power to the Spire; a mobile wormhole operating through a cascade of microscopic black holes.

The Spire facilitates instantaneous travel between Earth and Halteres; a planet over two billion light years away.

The SCATHE is basically a shitload of this…

And the exact opposite of this…

Anyway, the SCATHE plays an important role in Opposable.  Then someone decided to go all MST3K with the concept, calling it something different every time it’s mentioned.

I compiled all the pseudonyms, split them into three categories, and a came up with a little worksheet.  Now you can give your SCATHE a name.  Do it before it’s too late.  Like [deleted] said, it’s fun!

I got Sarcophagus of Amaranthine Wretchedness. That’s weird, it’s the same as in the quote. How did that happen?

Post what you got in the comments!

Until next time, don’t bother me.  I’m SCATHE-ing.