The Definition of Inanity: Opposable- Call for Reviewers and Launch.


If you’re interested in joining Opposable‘s Advance Reviewers or Launch squad, or know someone who might be, send me an email from the Badass Sci Fi Facebook page or the About page on Thanks!

And no, I didn’t forget the ‘s’ in the title. While I may seem to exhibit the trademarks of insanity by relaunching Opposable this year, I assure you the approach and product are different. This a leaner and meaner Opposable.

And hey, I get to make a bunch of new mistakes in my publishing journey. That’s all right, I’ve conquered many fears on this path. Not always a good thing. Case in point; I’ve largely overcome the fear of sounding stupid in front of others by asking ignorant questions. Hence, my new inanity.

Well, I’m gonna keep this short. I hope to hear from you! We’re definitely looking at a June launch!

Until next time, join the squad. We’re preparing an assault on common decency.

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