So, how many artists represented in the collage can you name? I’ll give it to you straight. Before my trip down this rabbit hole, I could name fifteen (I replaced a couple toughies to make myself feel better).

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But first, check out Kali’s New Wave 101, it’s totally tripendicular (sorry, I threw in a little valley with my new wave). And who is Kali? Well, you’ll have to read Opposable to find out.


Although I used the term ‘new wave’ in the title, but the list encompasses more than that, unless new wave itself encompasses more than that, in which case, it’s a new wave list.

And it’s not an ’80s list, since whatever movement we’re talking about started in the late ’70s and limped into the early ’90s.

Looking back, one of my biggest regrets growing up in the ’80s; I was never adventurous enough to commit to any one scene. A peripheral admirer of punk, new wave, and goth, I stuck mostly to the friendly confines of classic rock and pop.

Anyway, call it what you want; new wave, alternative, post-punk, synth-pop, new romantic, goth, or post disco. To me, it’s whatever embodies an off-center mentality, cuts against the grain, or offers a detour from main-street. It’s brave, brazen, and dangerous. It’s a basement club on the Hill in Boulder or Evans and Colorado at one thirty in the morning.

This list, 101 songs by 101 artists, ended up falling into three categories for me:

  • Artists I always liked- Men at Work, The Police, David Bowie, Howard Jones, etc.
  • Artists for whom I have a new appreciation- Bauhaus, The Jam, The The, The Boomtown Rats, King Crimson, etc.
  • And Artists for whom I still don’t like too much but needed to include in any reasonably representative list of this type- The Cure, Spandau Ballet, OMD, etc.

Without further delay, here’s a list created primarily to give one of my characters in Opposable and Spire a backstory.

Kali’s New Wave 101

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So, how many did you get?

  • 19-20 Call The Police, somebody cheated!
  • 16-18 Well done. The Cars are waiting to escort you to the awards banquet.
  • 14-15 Not just another Talking Head.
  • 11-13 U2 have passed this quiz.
  • 9-10 Sorry, your score must B-52 or higher to pass.
  • 6-8 There is no Cure for your ineptitude.
  • 3-5 You’re Devo-lution is extreme.
  • 0-2 It’s Debbie Harry, not Debbie Gibson.