The fate of the world couldn’t rest in worse hands.

It’s up to psychotic, cyborg cats, a combustible alien, the punk rock alchemist, a spaghetti-strapped, pistol-strapped merc, and a severed head to convince Dr. Vanderbilt only he and his cats can prevent the imminent alien invasion.

It’ll take every gram of effort (and drugs) they can find to knock some sense into Dr. V as they cut a swath through the Rocky Mountains and Southwest on their way to head off the attack.

Starship Troopers- Definitely Badass Sci Fi

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Code Name:

Extreme Steel Pussy


Code Name:

Veteran of Chemical Wars


Code Name:

Lilac Vengeance

Mutant, telepathic feline with robotic hands.

Missing a fang, a working tail, and any sense of decency.

Belted cannabis pugilist and remorseless killer.

Tortured by the unbearable war between instinct and judgement.

Highly decorated.

Punker, resigned nihilist, career partier, dabbler in alchemy, and master of pharma.

Subversive miscreant with a pewter soul.

Life gave him shit, and he stomped a waffle in it with army surplus combat boots, shoved it in a thrift store jean jacket, and carried it with him ever since.

Full mental straitjacket.

The ride, the muscle, and the bank.

A pro behind the wheel, a gun, military grade tactical gear, and her armor piercing eyes.

Guardian angel, apple in Eden, poison, elixir, and taunting coup de grĂ¢ce.


Code Name:

Brimstone Princess


Code Name:



Code Name:

Lieutenant Commander Fucknut

Not of this Earth.

Master of spatial combustion.

Able to control fire, gnarly alien beasts, and the sexual desire of anyone she comes near.

Enjoys evening motorcycle rides, traveling across the universe, and lighting national parks on fire.

COPP (Cephalic Otherworldly Psychic Parasite.

Able to inhabit and control other life forms.

Trapped in a severed head for most of his life (which consists of a few days).

Disgusting feeding habits but the universe’s greatest water treatment organism.

AKA Dr. Do-Nothing, Dr. Doom-And-Gloom, master of ceremonies of the shit show, Dad, Pops, Father, fodder, worthless, magnesium-iron battery, idiot, Favored Conscript, weak, the not the chosen one, but one of the chosen, fucked.

Author of Halteres and inventor of the TOOTs (Tactical Opposing Opposable Thumbs).