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Badass Sci Fi: Building Badder Worlds

Here at Badass Sci Fi, we pride ourselves in making every effort to ensure your Science Fiction experience achieves optimal Badassednessity. On this front, we have failed. In this arena, we got our Badasses dropped, quick. But here at Badass Sci Fi, we don’t run from a fight. We...
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What Makes A Science Fiction Movie Badass?

You’ve seen the lists. You’ve read the articles. You’ve watched the countdowns. Everyone has their own opinion on the best Badass Sci Fi movies of all time. But what the others fail to do is break the genre down into its basic elements, and create a nifty little scorecard!...
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The Money Shot: Badass Cinematic Decapitations

***WARNING!  READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!*** This my Badass Sci Fi top cinematic decapitation list.  There are many like it, but this one is mine. -Taken from The United States Marine Corps Rifleman’s Creed and Full Metal Jacket. Head trauma is literally the coup de grace of movie violence. ...
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