What Makes A Science Fiction Movie Badass?

You’ve seen the lists. You’ve read the articles. You’ve watched the countdowns. Everyone has their own opinion on the best Badass Sci Fi movies of all time. But what the others fail to do is break the genre down into its basic elements, and create a nifty little scorecard!

Don’t laugh. Okay, laugh. I created that thing before the age of (affordable) word processors. That’s how old I am. Still, much of it seems relevant. I’ll update it before we get started.

Regardless, Badass Sci Fi isn’t looking for a moral, or searching for a deeper meaning.

Badass Sci Fi wants blood, and bombs, and big guns. We want spectacle. We want violence. We want nasty aliens and nastier humans. Most of all, I think, we gotta have the lines. What good is a Badass Sci Fi movie if you can’t quote it?

In the coming days I’ll be updating a series of posts from my old Blogger site. I’m gonna focus on the 80s, because again, that’s how old I am. We’ll start in 1979. You heard it here first. Badass Sci Fi officially made 1979 part of the 80s. Why?

That’s why.

So, keep coming back. I know you don’t want to miss a post titled “Aliens and Predator Fly Robocop and Critters into The Abyss and They Live”.

Believe me, it’s all done in Bad Taste.

And at the end, you’ll get the definitive (ish) Badass Sci Fi Top 10!

Until next time, sign up for email and don’t bother me. I’m listing.

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