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Badass Sci Fi’s History of 2020 Future Nows- Part 1

Dystopias, Post-Apocalyptic Wastelands, Cities of the Future, Dragons; Sci Fi has always given us plenty to look forward to, but what happens when we look back at futures that are supposed to be happening now? Listen, I already know this post is gonna be a friggin train wreck caused...
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5 Badass Sci Fi Guilty Pleasures (And One Great Deal)

I’m not abandoning my series on sci fi movies in the ’90s (entirely), but after stumbling across an interesting article, I had to respond. Plus, the Opposable ebook will be available for free for five days starting tomorrow! 1 am MST to be exact. I’ll be up. Will you?...
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Badass Sci Fi Revamped For 2020!

_ Opposable Relaunch Coming Soon! Then- Spire! The revised edition of Opposable is entering the final stages of preparation for re-release. If you read or purchased the first edition, thank you! Contact me and I’ll hook you up with the new edition! Thanks in large part to writing the...
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