Welcome to the Union of Ultimate Badasses

Here you will find the greatest collection of Badass Sci Fi movie icons in the history of the universe. Bow and give thanks or be terminated.

They challenge you. Identify them all or be cast to the realm of the wannabe.


Name the movie/franchise and character of the source image.

*Bonus points for naming the specific movie within a franchise from which the image was pulled.

**Extra bonus points for calling me on my shit by splicing parts from two or more sources to complete a character. It’s surprisingly hard to get a full body image of many characters.

***Super extra bonus points for pointing out egregious omissions (remember the disclaimers).

Where were we? Oh, yeah…


50 (ish) cropped images – 50 characters – <50 movies/franchises (much overlap).

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48 – 50 – You are the ultimate Badass! You must be in the front row!

45 – 47 – You are the penultimate Badass! Ash and Reggie invite you to a chainsaw ménage à trois.

40 – 44 – You’re pretty Badass. Flip the fuckers in front of you the bird with Mac and Otto.

35 – 39 – Not bad, but not Badass. Fornicus, Kruger, and Kurgan will train you.

30 – 34 – You’re stewed buttwad! You live, but you must now French kiss Brundlefly.

25-29 – Clinging to life. The Alien Queen is playing Survivor, and you’re the host.

20-24 – Baron Harkonnen is going for your heart plug.

<20 – Just, no. The quarterback is toast! I know, not Badass Sci Fi, but it should be. I mean, Hans Gruber?

Thanks for playing!