I hope you guys know the solar eclipse happening in 10 days will be part of a grand design with spiritual aliens using the Tycho monolith to steer the moon into the sun’s path just to disrupt the Little League World Series.

Additionally, this post is part of my grand design to conspire with the spiritual aliens and have them let me assume control of the monolith so I can use it to perform quantum entanglement with the sapient beings on Halteres.

Truth be told, I need you guys on board.  I’m a little embarrassed to have such a scant (but rabid!) following.  I know they’re planting ideas in my head.  So many and varied ideas I can barely keep my head straight.

So please, consider Bad Ass Sci Fi your gateway to become one with the spiritual extraterrestrial collective.  Please join me.  I don’t wanna go alone!

I know it’s a lot to gargle, but you can handle it.

Until next time…Don’t bother me.  I’m writing a book.


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