Opposable: Free and Fork-Proof

Howdy! I hope everyone is doing well. Big news! Opposable will be free, but only for three days (Oct. 27 – Oct. 29)!

Why? Let’s see… To celebrate Halloween? Maybe. To celebrate NaNoWrimo and the anticipated first draft completion of Opposable‘s sequel, Spire? Sure, why not? Because Opposable‘s Kindle Select enrollment period ends Thursday and I haven’t taken advantage of it yet? Yahtzee!

Well, my negligence is your good fortune. The complete second edition will be free here…

And you can still get the first four chapters free here…

Check out some recent Opposable reviews posted on Amanja Reads Too Much (without spoilers or with spoilers) and BlueInk Review.

Amanja and Paul Goat Allen, BlueInk Review expert and reviewer extraordinaire, have been great sources of support. Paul has shown Opposable love in several posts, including ask the expert, fielding a question from yours truly, 4 Reasons to Consider Writing a Genre-Hybridized Novel, and 5 Thriller Elements to Consider Adding to Your Novel.

Thanks Amanja and Paul! And thanks to T.H. Leatherman, Ryan Taylor, Nan Wigington, Eric Anger, and everyone showing support and interest in Opposable!

Discover Opposable here, or read more reviews here.

You can’t Fork with Opposable!

That brings me back around to the featured image graphic. Not too long ago, several fork (and the naughty version of fork) idioms circled my brain like starving carrion scavengers.

Well, if I’ve learned anything from this little self-publishing adventure, the only person capable of putting a fork in your pursuits is you. The only person strong enough to remove the fork and say, “Get the fork out, doubt and disillusionment,” is you.

As I feel myself on the verge of going overboard with this wordplay, I will bid you adieu. Thanks for reading!

Until next time, don’t bother me. I’m forking with my mashed potatoes.

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