Quantum Mental Hobbling

Tesla Style…

And I’m telling you right now; Ghasm does NOT appreciate it!


But somehow, the rest of us do…


I didn’t wake up this morning expecting to think.  But then again, I don’t really have a choice in the matter.  I have chosen (for the most part) to go through life (relatively) sober.  The benefit; unfiltered experience.  The consequences; unbuffered sensory input.

Now, I know no original ideas remain.  I question whether they ever did, or if every idea since the first human construct, ‘the first made thing’, is simply a product of the universal mind.

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So when it occurred to me to do a web search for ‘quantum creativity’, I had an inclination that I may get some results.

But I never imagined the scope of the rabbit hole I’d be sent down.  I had no idea…none that had been given to me yet, that is.

And thus began my quantum mental hobbling.



Presented this…


Which led to this…


And drew me hither…


Then, while scooping my brains from below the driver’s seat of my car, I came across this in a related search…


Thank you, Bill.  I owe you one…more. 

But by then it was too late.  I had suddenly, inexplicably, as if my consciousness had instantly jumped to an elevated state of wonder, become obsessed with Nikola Tesla.  Where have I been?  Shut up.  I’ve been busy…in a resting state.  Back off man, I’ve just become enlightened.

So then here…


And here…


And here…


And here.


Pretty fun, eh?  NO!  It’s maddening!  I could spend the rest of my days happily pursuing quantum enlightenment.  But I need to bring myself back here…

halteres telescope 88

Always here.  This is the enlightenment I seek.

These quantum jumps in creativity, inquiry, curiosity, that come out of nowhere at 6:30 on a Thursday morning need not be ignored.  They are gifts, given to me by the I, the collective, the stored knowledge within the 14+ billion year old atoms of the universe.  But they’re also bait, traps to keep me from realizing my future.  And, as my new best friend, Nikola Tesla, would say…



Well said, other Bill.  Now, don’t bother me.  I’m shoveling my brains back into my skull and trying to see how I’m going to incorporate ‘MY’ new ideas into a book.



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