To Celebrate the Upcoming Launch of Opposable, Badass Sci Fi Gathered Icons of Badass Cinema To Throw Down.

Join us in a no holds barred, triple elimination, round robin, Kumite style tournament to decide who (or what) is the most Badass character in cinematic history.

The rules are simple, there are no…more than 17 rules.

1. The tournament is divided into a heroes bracket and a villains bracket to ensure that the final will be the ultimate showdown of good versus evil.

2. Participants and match-ups were chosen at random from the organizer’s (Badass Sci Fi’s) personal collection. If you feel Badass Sci Fi has left a worthy participant out, feel free to send said participant to BSF in the mail. It’s basically an excuse for BSF to play with its toys.

3. Participants are not to scale. No photoshopping will be done to make participants seem more formidable. This is the BSFU, and size doesn’t matter.

4. Side matches may be requested and occur at any time, but their outcomes will not affect the results of the bracket.

5. Winners will be decided by Instagram vote. Voting will close 48 hours after the post was made. In case of a tie, BSF will decide.

6. Matches can happen at any time, so keep an eye out!

7. If this your first time in Badass Sci Fi Battle Royale, you have to fight.

So, let the melee begin!

Until next time, don’t bother me. I’m training.

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