Opposable V2.0 Virtual Launch Is Coming: Sooner Than You (Or I) Thought


I hope everyone is staying safe and sane.

Here at Badass Sci Fi, we’ve been busy. Design review for the second edition of Opposable is nearly complete! That means it will be ready for you, for free, very soon.

I still have to figure out Kindle stuff, but hey, if you ask nicely, I’ll send you a PDF as soon as I get it. And I didn’t forget about you, loyal allies. I would still love some reviews.

I have, however, decided to cancel the wait for reviews and contests and hold a virtual launch in the near future. No need to wait. We could all use a distraction, and Opposable is very distracting!

But that’s not all. here’s the new Opposter; complete with updated taglines, credits, logo, and ratings card!

We’ve also been working on the sequel to Opposable; Spire. Not much in the way of writing, but some of the design elements are coming together. That’s my distraction.

All right, I’ll keep it short. Everyone stay safe out (or in) there.

Until next time, please bother me. I’m excited about Opposable!

About the author

Kirk E. Hammond loves science fiction, cats, baseball, and words like emulsified, rapscallion, and nincompoop.

Growing up in the ‘80s, he was scarred by badass sci fi movies; Re-Animator, The Evil Dead, The Thing, Robocop, Aliens, Mad Max2: The Road Warrior, and The Return of the Living Dead, just to name a few. The more gore and camp, the better.

Authors he wishes he could hold a candle to include David Wong (Jason Pargin), Chuck Palahniuk, Chuck Wendig, Frank Herbert, H.P. Lovecraft, Philip K. Dick, Christopher Moore, and J.R.R. Tolkien. He likes to think what he writes is funny, but I’d put his ability to write comedy right down there with Ayn Rand and Christopher Nolan.

He’s a naughty boy who needs to be punished. Every twelve years, he changes careers; from biotech dish-pig, to high school science tyrant, to creator, publisher, and purveyor of lies. The main reason he writes is to give his friends (all imaginary) something to do.

And his writing has no deeper meaning. It’s just action, and gore, and drugs, and magnificent scenery, and witty, snarky banter. In fact, he told me, “There’s nothing more depressing than a moral.”

He was born, raised, and lives in Colorado. He does not ski and smokes pot for research purposes only.
The universe planted many ideas in my mind. I pass them off as my own, but know they're stolen. My ideas gain traction, grow, and consume me. I become my ideas. The universe implants the idea of me in my brain. I am stolen.


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