Welcome to Halteres; a planet of singular construct, boundless wonder, and unbelievable power.  It is the lodestone, the nexus, the genesis for everything that follows. From this idea, all others germinate.

It all began with Halteres; a worldbuilding exercise taking two years to write, and a lifetime to imagine. It stands as the reference for all things alien and otherworldly. I plan to make a return visit very soon.

Opposable- The Halteres Chronicles- Book One.

A dirty little adventure taking place primarily on Earth, but filled with guests from Halteres. It is coming…

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Patton’s Sad Tail- Prequel to Opposable.

The true story of how cats acquired superhuman abilities. Filled with self-inflicted hit-and-runs, self-mutilation, black ops surgeries, blood rituals, telepathy, remote viewing, and heartwarming owner-pet bonding. If you’re nice and sign up by email, I may even give you a free sneak peek at this adorable story.

Spire- The Halteres Chronicles- Book Two.

Ideas are flowing. Halteres itself giving me details of the plot. Let the planet-hopping begin!

Phreyja: The Halteres Chronicles- Book Three.

Now, Phreyja’s a nasty little monster, hell-bent on breeding an army and laying waste to the world of men. Believe me, she has her sights set on you. Her name even sounds like fear.

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