Unsure when or how it first arrived; it’s been a mashed potato sculpting seed ever since. You have doubts. Observe.

Rough profile sketch.

Detailed profile showing Astir Espera Region.

Equatorial view looking down from the pillar that connects the two lobes: Cael.

Equatorial mercator projection of Halteres Major showing floating ice caps; Pagos Nefos.

Also shows rotational direction and wind currents.

Detailed map of Halteres Major Astir Espera. Shows many important features; The Foculus, Octor Sulcus, The Ergae Syn, The Pinax, and the base of Cael.

Papier Mâché model of Halteres currently hanging in our headquarters. It glows in the dark!

Original sketch circa 2010 (So, I guess what was said before was a lie. Get used to it.)

And don’t even start with the math. We left no terrestrial orb unturned. I’m sure some of you are saying, “Phththth. That’s easy.”

Well, sorry. We thought we were throwing a couple curve balls in there by making it a binary system and having the smaller lobe spinning vertically as well.

Plus, we only have one scientist on staff, and he took the easy way out and studied biology.

Halteres has fueled every idea that’s come since.

Opposable- The Halteres Chronicles- Book One.

Spire (Which will include more Phreyja!)- THC- Book Two.

Patton’s Sad Tail; prequel to Opposable.

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