So, If you haven’t read Opposable yet, please do so immediately! Not only is it the direct prequel to Spire, it’s cheap!

Hop in the Hellcat for a wild road trip to Sedona via the Rocky Mountains, Grand Canyon, and Route 66 including several thinly veiled approximations of quaint locales along the way.

Opposable is a heartwarming story of family, friends, telepathic cyborg cats, pyro aliens, and a severed head. They’ll supply the drugs, guns, sex, and gore. What more could you ask for?

Spoiler-Free Details of Spire.

  1. Spire exists in the same universe as Opposable and Halteres and includes many (but not all) of the same characters plus a shitload of new ones.
  2. The main story arc starts after the events of Opposable (I mean, like, right after).
  3. As it sits now, Spire is 103k (400 pages). 70% follows the Opposable gang’s continuing adventures, 15% deals with Phreyja, and 15% takes place on Halteres.
  4. Spire ends, but it is not ‘the’ end.

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Following the tragic events at Clayton’s Spire, the survivors regroup in the WarrJeep and head to the Pussy Whippers compound to warn the others.

To clarify, the map Brims gave Xeno along with his Proxy reveals the presence of dozens of Spires scattered across Earth’s northern hemisphere, including Clayton’s Summer Spire in Jackson, Wyoming, and one in a very familiar location.

However, Herbert believes the only way to thwart the evil aliens’ second wave is to stop it at its source; Halteres.

Thus, the mission objectives become twofold; head off the known threat in Jackson, and access a friendly Spire to send someone to Halteres and launch an offensive there.

The only one qualified to relay this chapter, the only one able to see it all; Ottak. His telepathic connection to those on Earth allows him to see all they see. His symbiotic relationship with the Arca Trochia allows him see all it sees, everywhere it’s been.

But it also makes him extremely vulnerable. He’ll have to body-hop across the USA in order to keep clear of the manifold threats. For example, three of his hosts are Riprock Hammerlock, Pho, and Major Victor Timmons.

So, join Xeno, Patton, Herbert, Ottak, Bea, Kali, Flim and Flam, and SirDavid as they double their efforts, double the pleasure, double the fun…no, no, no. This is serious.

But don’t forget about Phreyja. As soon as you do, you’re dead.