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Badass Sci Fi’s Back to School Special

Badass Sci Fi’s Back to School Special Badass Sci Fi’s interests never stray far from the realm of education. Back to school offers a special feeling of exhilaration and dread found nowhere else in life. And here at BSF, we aim not only to entertain, but inform. Now, I...
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Badass Sci Fi’s Independence-Day-less ’90s Top Ten.

Alright, here we go. After way too much research and time spent trying to get the perfect screenshots, here are the ten best Badass Sci Fi movies the ’90s have to offer. I enjoyed my little trip back through the ’90s, a decade widely considered inferior to the ’80s...
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5 Badass Sci Fi Guilty Pleasures (And One Great Deal)

I’m not abandoning my series on sci fi movies in the ’90s (entirely), but after stumbling across an interesting article, I had to respond. Plus, the Opposable ebook will be available for free for five days starting tomorrow! 1 am MST to be exact. I’ll be up. Will you?...
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