Badass Sci Fi’s Back to School Special

Badass Sci Fi’s interests never stray far from the realm of education. Back to school offers a special feeling of exhilaration and dread found nowhere else in life. And here at BSF, we aim not only to entertain, but inform.

Now, I possibly went a little overboard with the Badass Sci Fi Loves Lucy series. But those posts also served as a reminder to adhere to plausibility in my creative pursuits.

Here, however, and ironically so, I take a purely casual look at education in sci fi. Therefore, I dip a little deeper into the PG/PG-13 bucket for resources. And I’ll attempt to keep the post at a comparable level.

Don’t worry, there are still plenty of R+ entries, and I’m not doing a best of list or adding anyone to the Palace. It’s mostly just an excuse to throw together a collage, modify screenshots, and make some GIFs and memes.

Science Fiction in the Classroom

Mr. Rasczak, you are the coolest Poli Sci teacher ever!

Real Genius predicts the future in 1985.


I promise, this happens every time a Biology teacher tries to be cool.

Or this.


Don’t get me started. It’s either mind-numbingly inaccurate…

Or the ‘kids’ can’t stomach it.

Revenge of the Teachers

Every now and then, unruly students get their comeuppance, such as a gentle corrective lobotomy–

The old simulated genocide switcheroo–

Or a little spanking from Mr. Hardin.

The Dreaded Parent-Teacher Conferences

Anyone who’s endured at least one of these ménage à squawks in any capacity should relate. Dialogue is paraphrased.

All right, thanks for reading. Sorry if it seems thrown together, but I had to get it posted in September, because October is all about…

Until next time, don’t bother me. I’m considering career options.

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