Finally! Day Two! Badass Sci Fi Road Trip- Day 2- Part I

Transcription update- 143 Entries, 82.33 pages.  Almost finished with day two!  Many maps required for this stretch.  There’s some fantastic detail coming up as I journey through the Grand Canyon.  But first…


06-13-18- Entry 98- Cortez, Colorado

“Could be…Gauge’s hometown.  It’s a little, it’s a lot bigger than Dolores.  I like Dolores, ’cause it seems like you could just get into a lot of trouble there, like, quickly.  Especially if you are not indigenous.  Um, yeah.  Pipo’s CafĂ©.

So we’re doin’ south and west on 160 and 491 and this the fork which I am going to turn left on…and, uh, we’re already seein’ things that say Grand Canyon, even though…uh, we’re a good probably 250 out from…uh, I don’t know.  Feel bad, but it’s like god’s crack.  Looking into the crack of god.  Crevice.  Octor Sulcus…as Sho might recall, reminisce when she views upon it and then puts on her display to…foreshadow what is going to happen to Halteres and why the…sapient…residents of Halteres are in such a hurry to leave…”

06-13-18- Entry 100- Cortez Valley

“I’m goin’ through Cortez Valley just surrounded by a fog and smokey haze as if driving through a cloud tunnel.  San Juan forest is closed…I hope everyone’s okay.  Forest fires suck.  They are part of the natural process…I mean, nature intended to let them burn, clear out the undergrowth…let life spring anew, and unfortunately, by preventing forest fires, we exacerbate the extremity of forest fires when they do occur.  So whaddaya gonna do?  Who knows how it started…

…Other than, when in mine, Sho…initiating some sort of pyrotechnic display in anger, frustration at her place here on Earth.  Her mission to…warn the carriers of the seed of the I…that their minds are being used to create a channel between two worlds and infiltrate Earth…”

06-13-18- Entries 102 & 103- Near the Colorado-New Mexico border

“I think I just entered New Mexico?  Sunrise is comin’ quick.  Depending on what mesa I am…behind…could be here any moment.  Gonna have to pull over.  Gotta get my sunrise shot…Um, gotta find out where I am…

K, so first misstep of day two…Shoulda gone west on…and there’s the Halloween theme, because…so, yeah.  I knew as soon as I entered New Mexico that I was goin’ the wrong way and so…backtracking…Shoulda gone west on the 160, so, OH, well.  I don’t think I…ugh…wasted too much time.  Maybe forty minutes.  But we’ll still get a pretty good sunrise shot and I’ll be on the other side of the road, so…there ya have it.  Now I’m headin’ north on the…sigh…1-4…what?  Anyways…there’s my little mesa.”


06-13-18- Entry 106- Four Corners

“Well, sad face.  Four corners doesn’t open ’til 8…Interesting.  There’s already a line a cars here, about four deep, waitin’ to get in.  It is 6:34 in the a.m.  So, I don’t know how long they been waitin’ here, but they wanna go see the four corners and nothin’s gonna stop them…So, it’s gonna stop me, because I gotta keep movin’.  Four corners is ancillary…I’m gonna have to find a place to pee, but it’s not gonna be in the four corners.  So, this will be my document of the four corners.”


Riveting.  Absolutely riveting!

Until next time, don’t bother me.  I’m trying to get to the Grand Canyon instead of…



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