Badass Sci Fi Road Trip- Day 4- Part I

Transcription update- 320 entries, 207 pages.  Finished Day 6!  Now let’s get back to Route 66!


06-15-18- Entry 219- Highway 40 East of Kingman, Arizona

Headin’ east on 40 into the heart of the sunrise…  Great song by Yes by the way.  Actually we’re not…heading into the heart of the sunrise.  We’re heading, I think, into the left atruim, left ventricle of the sunrise.  We are heading into the left ventricle of the sunrise…which is part of the heart, but I like the imagery of just going into the left ventricle, ’cause that’s the chamber that pumps blood throughout the body.  Gives the cells oxygen and life.  So the sun is giving me a chance to metabolize oxygen and be alive.

Not gonna make too many more comments other than…just to say that, goin’ to Sedona, Arizona.  Have to look for some…markers as I go down there…  I’ll remember when I get there.  I remember now, but I really don’t wanna talk about it.  Just kind of wanna wake up a little more…  Enjoy the morning…before it gets too hot.


06-15-18- Entry 222- Seligman, Arizona

So yeah, Seligman is the shit.  The birthplace of Route 66…  Gonna walk around for a little bit.  So much nostalgia and history.


06-15-18- Entry 223- Seligman, Arizona

Entrenched in artistic immersion…here as I’m drivin’ along the back streets of Seligman…  Fascinating little town at the start of Route 66 in Arizona.

This is where you find the real stuff.  I like goin’ in the back roads, and a little off the beaten path…see what I can find, and usually there’s something interesting and unique along the way.

06-15-18- Entry 224- Seligman

Careful when you go off the beaten path, however, ’cause there’s a lot of sharp, rusty objects on the road.  If there is a road.  Just wanderin’ around the outskirts of Seligman, Arizona…  How do these houses become abandoned?


06-15-18- Entry 225- East of Seligman on Route 66

The only negative comment I would have on Seligman is…I had one of the most disgusting breakfast burritos I’ve ever had.  It was like, the meat lover’s burrito…and it was basically…eggs and lunch meat.

06-15-18- Entry 228- Crookton, Arizona

…It is confirmed that Route 66 stops at Crookton…  Back on 40, and right on 89 south at Ash Fork.


06-15-18- Entry 232- Highway 89 going south from Ash Fork

Says 33 miles to Chino Valley.  It’s a bumpy, two lane highway.

Short pines, moderately packed.  Not a hugely dense forest, but real low trees…  Moderately rough terrain…  Highway’s ebbing and flowing.  Lotta ravines and washes.

06-15-18- Entry 233- South on highway 89

In my mind, I was imagining more of a dessert, but this is good.  We got pine trees…pinions…twisted pines…shorter pines…ranch fences…

Too much traffic on this road…for my mind.  Suppose it doesn’t matter.  If we’re rocketing towards destiny, we don’t need to mention oncoming traffic.

06-15-18- Entry 234- South on highway 89

Still lookin’ for [location deleted].  Think I can recall, for the most part, what happens where.  We come down here, stop at a gas station, pick up some tac gear, and some guns, and some bombs, and hand grenades.  Now I’m speaking of the novel, of course, not real life.  So, if anybody ever comes across this…that’s what I’m talking about…

Tomorrow, some serious location scouting near…

Until next time, don’t bother me.  I’m digesting a book.


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