Badass Sci Fi Road Trip- Day 3- Part IV

Transcription update- 263 entries, 178 pages.  Finished with day 4.  Made it to Sedona!  But you’ll have to wait for that.  Right now, Route 66!  Let’s go!


06-14-18- Entry 198- Route 66 East of Seligman

Maybe…Ashleigh decides to take this…little detour on Route 66…because she is apprehensive about [except deleted].  Showin’ some chinks in the armor…  ‘Cause right now, she really doesn’t have any…reason behind it.  Not everything has to have a reason.  Maybe she just wants to fuckin’ haul ass in the Hellcat down here…which would be awesome…

Goin through some hills…low hills…  Little mesas with trees.  Yucca Trail.  “The Beast of Yucca Flats”  Maybe we’re going through Yucca Flats?  I have no idea.  Where is Yucca Flats?  We might find out.

But this is cool.  I mean, these houses, just right here on Route 66.  They’re not gorgeous, but they’re…nicely placed.

06-14-18- Entry 199- Entering Seligman, Arizona

Don’t blow massive plumes of vape smoke…right into the windshield…while you’re driving…right into the sun.  ‘Cause the sun is a bitch.  It will kill you.

But I can see where people can go down this road and just get lost.  Find themselves.  Lose themselves.  It’s a perfect time to drive it.  Thinkin’ nighttime’s better…  We’re gonna get a little nighttime on this drive, and we’re gonna get a little sunset on this drive.  Sunset on Route 66.

This is perfect…  I couldn’t have planned this day better.  Cell towers.  I’m sure that’s really nostalgic.  So Badass, drivin’ into the sun on Route 66. 

Right now…  This road trip means a lot…and I’m doin’ homework.  It’s work, but it’s life.  Everything I’m experiencing now; the rolling hills, and the trees that look like stubble in the late afternoon.  I’ve been given this opportunity…

You just go out on your own.  Find out who you are.  I’ve found out a little bit about who I was today, ’cause that hike was a…real chore…

I’m not an artist.  I’m a guy who…has these thoughts and images rollin’ ’round in his head and just wants to try to form them.  Mind putty.  My thoughts are like mind putty, and I wanna make a little ash tray out of them.

That’s a big motel.  They got clean rooms and cold beer!  What else could you want?  Oh my god, so many abandoned gas stations and diners on Route 66.  Maybe we could have ‘All Night Diner Part Two’.  That would be awesome.

We’re going through downtown Seligman.  We got the…old Texaco.  Old burgers.  Old Phillips.  Old motels.  Main street.  Nice little neighborhood.  I’m comin’ back this way tomorrow.


06-14-18- Entry 202- Route 66 west of Seligman.

We got old school telephone…posts.  Is that what you call them?  Telephone lines with posts on my right.  I got the windows down.  It’s awesome.

Wonder how many people have been killed on Route 66 by mutant, inbred hillbillies.  Well, not hillbillies, because there are no real hills.  There’s some hills in the distance.  Some mesas…  Just like, murderers…  It’s incredible.   I love my life.

06-14-18- Entry 204- Same

It’s gorgeous out here…  Setting sun.  Distant mesas to the right.  Real low bluffs to the left.

Not many pictures, because I’m just enjoying the ride!

Until next time, don’t bother me.  I’m gettin’ my kicks!  Sunset!


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