Badass Sci Fi Road Trip- Day 2- Part II

Transcription update- 146 Entries, 90 pages.  What, you only did 3 entries?  Listen, one was 19:46 and I talked the whole time.  Six and a quarter pages for that one alone.

I’m also gonna tell you, there are no visuals for this post other than maps.  Just the ramblings of a road weary man.  But I promise you, the next post will involve a great big crack!


06-13-18- Entry 110- Red Mesa, Arizona

The silence is thought.  The talking is not.

06-13-18- Entry 115- On highway 160 between Dennehotso and Kayenta

What’s easier to deal with on the lens or your glasses, on the lens of life; is it a smudge, or a glare?  A smudge is fixed, but once you remove it, it’s gone.  A glare is transient, yet sometimes it’s hard to get rid of.  So are obstacles, distractions, are they smudges?  Are they glares?

As I roll through the bush laden plains between high, red mesas.  Jutting geologic features.  Power lines in the distance.  Mesas more proximal.  Red, with ravines of erosion in the distance…in the distance white and grey…canyon…is growing deeper even though I’m in a 2-3 mile wide valley…The contrast of green and red on the plains is spectacular.

06-13-18- Entry 117- Just past Kayenta, Arizona

My thoughts on the word extraordinary.  Extra ordinary.  Means fabulous and amazing and super duper awesome.  But, oh, there’s a nice little cemetery back there.  Wow!  That’s, that’s pretty cool.  Um, I always think about fuckin’ around with that word.  “Oh, you’re extraordinary.  You’re extra ordinary.  You’re so ordinary that you gotta extra little bit a ordinary in there.”

06-13-18- Entry 118- See 117

Adjunct thought on extraordinary.  So, there’s subordinary, subordinate, subordinary.  So, there should be…supordinary…”You’re supordinary!”  I mean, it’s logical.  It makes linguistic, and uh…oh, what did that guy give me shit about?  Etymological, not entomological, etymological sense.  Supordinary…stickin’ with it.

IMG_20180702_183926 (2)

06-13-18- Entry 125- Just past Tuba City, Arizona

The tiny, redstone mesas are bubbling up around me like a cauldron of solid fire.  Canyons have been eroded by millennia of wind and rain…floods.

06-13-18- Entry 127- Approaching the South entrance of the Grand Canyon

Well, that came up quick.  We are now on the final stretch to the canyon.  Low buttes, intermittent trailer parks.  27 miles to the canyon entrance.  80 degrees at 9:25.  Good time.  Good time.  Think we spend the rest of the day here seein’ what we can do, what kind of mischief and whatever…Have to get in the park and do a little research…Have to pay to get in the park.  Gotta write that into my book…Ash’s got money…I need some energy.  Need a fuckin’ five hour coffee or somethin’.

See?  We made it!

Until next time, don’t bother me.  Here’s my cat.



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