Badass Sci Fi Road Trip- Day 1- Part III

I know, I keep changing the name.  Good news; I finally finished transcribing the first day’s voice notes!  95 entries, 54 pages.  Bad news; I’ll probably have to redo the first 40 or so, because not only was I just getting my transcribing legs, but…well, that’s it.  Good news; there were almost twice as many entries on day one as any other day due to the massive amounts of driving.  Bad news; most of the subsequent entries are much longer, and those are a beast to transcribe!

So, this is how it’s gonna go.  I got you to Glenwood Springs with my stilted narration and a couple pictures.  From here on out, you’re going to get excerpts pulled directly from my horrible transcripts, which feature an even more stilteder monologue, sections of maps, and incredible photography.  It’s going to be quite entertaining.  Stick around and check it out!

By the way, the circled numbers below refer to the journal entry.

ORT DAY 1- 2nd leg

06-12-18- Entry 33- Glenwood Canyon-

“The way it just rolls and curves and undulates up and down and through the canyon.  Like a slow roller coaster to Eden.  Tunnel.  Second Tunnel.  Incredible feat of technology, engineering.  I just wanted to try and capture every thought and moment of this stretch of road because I knew going in that this would be a great opportunity to throw in some fabulous detail and maybe a chase scene.  Something like zombie alien infested, um, COPPs chasing the crew, road trippers through this stretch of road and that’s where we turn left towards destiny.

I know I’m being really cliché right now ’cause I’m not in front of my computer and don’t have and my own writing to inspire myself

Sounds so arrogant, but, um, it should be true for everyone.  You should be your greatest inspiration.  What you’ve accomplished, what you could become should be your strongest motivation, greatest source of inspiration.

I mean, let it not be lost that we as human beings, just by surviving, have accomplished more than intended.  We’re supposed to be out in the wild being eaten by fuckin’ lions and shit like that.”


06-12-18- Entry 44- McClure Pass-

“…I’m tellin’ ya, that road crew on friggin 133 was incredible.  Literally fifteen paving trucks of various functions, spitting steam and asphalt.  Layin’ it down.  Sealing it.  Just clouds of sweat and progress.

…Beautiful vistas, huge valleys, jutting mountains to the right and left looking, I assume to the East.  I have no idea.  I’m on McClure pass and I’m hoping my voicy thingy is charging between takes.  Talk to you later.”


ORT DAY 1- 3rd leg

06-12-18- Entry 59- Between Hotchkiss and Delta on Hwy 133

“Now we’re back into lush green farmland.  I mean, small acreage.  Small plots.  as we passed Austin, CO going 65 on a two lane highway, which is awesome.  That brings some imagery.  There I go over a bridge with, uh, iron girder supports and arches.  Three sets of arches.  Rusted green.  Pretty nice fuckin’ houses!  Overlooking river on right.  Huge glass windows in front.  People out here got some money.  AND, as I look in the distance over the low mesas to the higher ridges behind them in the far distance, um, I catch the first glimpses of whatever fucking range I’m destined for later today as we approach 4:00.  And, I mean, you know me.  I didn’t document…Oh, there’s some nice abandoned trailers and old 50s pick-up trucks.  That’s awesome.”

ORT DAY 1- 4th leg

06-12-18- Entry 68- On Colorado Hwy 550 South of Montrose

“So here’s the deal.  And you know what?  Road tray-trips are made for f-fr-are, agh.  Road trips are for making really bad monologues, one.  And road trips are also for making bad decisions.  SO!  550 is closed at Silverton.  Between Silverton and myself is Ouray and Red Mountain Pass and I need to fucking see those things.  It is now a quarter to five.  We got 3 hours of daylight, and in one of those hours and a half, I’m going to drive to Silverton, and then I’m gonna backtrack, sigh…to Ridgeway and go through fuckin’ Telluride, and…fuck it.  This must be documented.  So, here’s to bad decisions…and, thank god I found out before…  So we’ll see what happens.  On…to…Ouray, Red Mountain Pass, and fucking into the flaming mouth of hell.”


Until next time, don’t bother me.  No sunset tonight.


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