Badass Sci Fi Road Trip- Day 5- Part II

Transcription update- FINISHED!  388 entries, 283 pages.  It seems fitting I complete the transcription process as we get to the most crucial part of the road trip in these posts.  Who knows, I may be generous enough to leave in some juicy details today.


06-16-18- Entry 272- [not yet] Mesa Trail

I was thinking about when Brims does her display over the Grand Canyon at night…she’s comparing it to Octor Sulcus.  Well, you can’t really see anything, if you’re human…  Wonder how I can fit that in without making it too obvious, and cheesy.

Kind of ties back to how cats can see at night, but can they see the stars?  Cats can’t see the stars, because there’s too much light pollution in their nocturnal vision.  So, Brims can see at night, because she can see the Grand Canyon, and compare it to Octor Sulcus, but she can’t see the stars.  She can’t see home, so she has to remember Earth as her home.

It makes perfect sense.  Everything…I’ve been writing…all the comparisons, and synchronicities.  It’s just…being really delicate with how I introduce that into the story.

06-16-18- Entry 274- Same

Forest lizards.


06-16-18- Entry 275- The Revelation

Halteres is real.  Opposable is real.  I’ve been there.  I was just there…standing…in front of [I can’t!] Spires…on [you understand] Mesa. 

I’m trying not to sound rehearsed.  I’m serious.  It’s real!  It’s finally become real.  It’s not what I imagined, it’s better.  Standing up there in the cold rain, the wind blowing, the clouds obscuring the mountains.  It was real.

I will never forget the image in a million years.  But there is visual proof.  There are witnesses.


There are divots in the mesa top that…most assuredly collect water.  Maybe that’s an issue in the story.  There’s also a little [signs of a] forest fire around the mesa, like somebody started a campfire.

It’s perfect.  I got to sit up there for a few minutes by myself…  Bask in the completion of the vision quest.  Too perfect.  That was it.  I don’t want to scrutinize it too much, analyze it too much, because it’s just too perfect.



Thank you so much for joining me on this journey.  There is more to share, but this…this was the goal.

I’m taking the weekend off!  When I return, I’ll continue the road trip, as well as update you on how I’m applying these experiences to my project.

Until next time, don’t bother me.  I’m at a loss for words.




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