Badass Sci Fi Road Trip- Day 2- Part III

Alright, back to it.  149 Entries, 94 pages.  I know, I’m slowing down, but it’s a holiday week and family is important.  I’m squeezin’ in as much writing as I can during the quiet moments.

Well, let’s quit wasting time and get into some ‘deep’ thoughts about the Grand friggin’ Canyon!  Hopefully you can tell by the entries how overwhelmed I am with seeing my vision come to life.  It’s hard to explain.  The evidence is below.

Oh, by the way, I erased part of the map due to my paranoia about secret, special locations both real and imagined.  It’s weird, I know, but, yeah.  You get the point.
IMG_20180703_222134_LI (2)

Entry 128- 06-13-18- Desert View Visitor Center- Grand Canyon

So, it’s about 10:30 Mountain, 9:30 Pacific.  Grand Canyon is gorgeous.  I’m gonna try to change here.  Hopefully I parked far enough away from…people, so they can’t see me gettin’ mostly nekkid.  But, uh…can’t wait to explore the park and imagine where the gang might’ve pulled over for their little foray and where Sho might have put on her display.

It’s just, I mean, however big you ever think the Grand Canyon is, it’s, it’s…multitudes bigger.  Exponentially bigger.

You know, when I transcribe these notes they’re gonna be completely articulate, eloquent, without pause or misspoken…word-stuffs…


Entry 131- 06-13-18- Lipan Point- Grand Canyon

I mean, there’s…infinite number of places and I…you know I…man…I think I describe them pretty well in the book.  Bristlecones and the shrubs and the driftwood.  Just anywhere along the side of the road you could veer off and find a secret campground near the rim…and be pretty clandestine.  I wish there was a little pull-off where I could walk.  Probably not encouraged.  When I go for my hike…I’m gonna…definitely…um, while sticking to the trail of course, I’m gonna…look for a spot.  I mean, the orange dirt with the white pebbles.  And the shrubs poking out.  The dead branches of the shrubs intermingled with the live ones.

This one is empty.  I’m gonna turn in here…and park and oh my goodness…So fabulous.  Just incredible.  And I don’t know, North, South, East, West…um, and gather myself again because this…And I’m gonna take pictures of the frickin’ forest, just so I cant get an accurate description.  ‘Cause, I’m tellin’ ya.  Anywhere.  Anywhere.


Entry 133- 06-13-18- Between Lipan Point and Grandview Point

I mean, the possibilities for campsites is just endless…as long as I nail down the vegetation, terrain, and the location.  Like, between what viewpoints it’s between.  Between what viewpoints it’s between!

It’s just…you can just fuckin’ pull off anywhere and no one would really be the wiser, especially if you’re doin’ it at night…Plausibility is high for…for a little detour like that.  So glad!  I’m glad I got the vegetation.  I’m glad I got…pictures of at least one prospective sight.  And a little more research to do…


So, as you can tell, I’m glad.  Ugh, I hate my internal thesaurus.  I was overwhelmed to point of being completely inarticulate.  Thanks for sharing this with me.  But…

Until next time, don’t bother me.  I’m on holiday!  SUNSET!


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