Badass Sci Fi Road Trip- Day 2- Part IV

Gettin’ back in rhythm after the holiday.  159 entries, 102 pages.  Let’s get right to it!

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06-13-18- Entry 135- Grand Canyon South Rim

There are points on the road where I’m all by myself at either 11:40 or 10:40 depending on the time zone.  The conifers are much taller in this part of the park.  Be a good point to make.  Still plenty of places to pull off and weave through the trees and camp for a bit.  I do like the bristlecones, though.  We’ll see…I’m gonna go to [location deleted] briefly to scope out prospective imaginary campsites, then hopefully see if I can make it to some sort of trailhead and see how far down the frickin’ canyon I can go.  We, shall, see. 

But yeah, right now completely alone.  No cars behind me.  No cars in front of me.  No cars comin’ the other way.  It’s fucking fantastic.  Gorgeous day.  80 degrees.  Partly cloudy sky.  Light cirrus clouds.  No threat of storm, but intermittent cloud cover, which helps cool things down.  I mean, I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

06-13-18- Entry 137- Grand Canyon South Rim

Well, that was very cool.  I found my own secret, special spot in the Grand Canyon.  [mile marker deleted]  And I’m sure people have, ya know, traipsed over there, but it’s gorgeous.  And I soaked it all in and ‘witnessed the majesty’ and ‘sat on the edge of forever.’  I’m listening to Grand Canyon by Puscifer right now.

And I’m sure people have been at that spot…take a self portrait the way I did…by…basically posing in front of the Grand Canyon for myself.


06-13-18- Entry 138- Highway 64 North of Tusayan

Well, it’s pretty consistently in the upper 80s.  Right now 88 even up here…near the summit of…what I imagine is near the summit of the Grand Canyon National Park.

Uhm, had an incredible day so far.  1:39 in the p.m. or 12:39.  Got a little second wind a little bit.  Saw a little wildlife a little bit.  The only thing I would mention is there is roadwork all over the fackin’ place in that park.  So, but whaddaya gonna do?  It’s the Grand fuckin’ Canyon.  They gotta keep the roads maintained.


06-13-18- Entry 139- Tusayan, Arizona

I’m at the 7 mile…Lodge in Tusayan, Tu-say-an.  I don’t know, Tus-a-yan.  Bout ready to take a little nap.  It’s 1:36 local time.  Eatin’ a little trail mix just to get me through the day.  Still haven’t eaten in a restaurant on this trip.  But so far, totally successful trip.

Goin’ back tonight, to the Canyon, for a star party.  So that’ll be cool.  See what’s happenin’ with that there…


Yes, there were many attempts at the self portrait.  But stay tuned for sunsets and star parties and midnight strolls on the rim of the Grand Canyon!

Until next time, don’t bother me.  I’m living a book.  SUNSET!!!



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