This Is Not Just Another Travelogue- This Is Badass Sci Fi- Day 1- Part IV

The Opposable Road Trip was, at it’s core, an exercise in immersion.  I had already written about this adventure in the novel, though only briefly explored the places of which I wrote.  How ridiculous is that?  My two opposable thumbs are pointing directly at my face.  What can I say?  I’m naïve.  Thankfully, I’m also too ignorant to give up.

I needed to, in a sense, emulate the story I so hastily penned (typed).  So as you read, keep this in mind; the main objective of this mission was to add detail, depth, and texture to Opposable.  Anything else gained along the way was simply a much appreciated experiential gratuity.  Join me as I lay waste to the creative process.


06-12-18- Entry 70- Just past Ridgeway heading towards Ouray

“I am now on 550 south.  The point of no return, is Silverton.  We know this.  Ouray is 10 miles…I mean, this is back and forth.  This is real life experience.  This is, sigh.  I see Red Mountain Pass from here.  Scares the fuckin’ shit outta me.  I am traumatized from childhood and looking down the goddamn sheer mountain face below.  ‘Cause you know you’re goin’ up a, I would say, you’re going up…a west facing mountain.  You’re on the outside…and they probably made improvements…since then…

Man, I am just having a flashback.  Mom was probably driving the Wagoneer and that’s why I’m scared to death.  But this is overcoming fear.  The whole journey is about overcoming fear…”

06-12-18- Entry 73- On Red Mountain Pass

“Continue on to the summit, and this is where…it sets in you know?  I can get to the summit.  This is it, man.  It’s already happening.  Fuckin’ sheer drop-offs to my right and if I was a passenger right now like I remember being back in the day in a fucking 70s Wagoneer with faux wood siding, um, god I’d be shittin’.  And it’s all coming back to me.  This is good.  I like it.  It’s visceral.  Fuckin’ attack those fears.  Um, hit ’em with a hammer.  My resolve is the hammer.  Fuckin’ A.  There are no…rail guards.  Fuckin’ tunnel that seems like it was pick-axed by hand.”

06-12-18- Entry 74- Off Red Mountain Pass

“Well, that was the most incredible thirteen miles of my life.  Red Mountain Pass is just as scary as I remember, and I have a pretty legitimate fear of heights.  But I kind of overcame them.  Sigh.  I made my own sunset.  Uh, the Alps of the Rockies or whatever they call it…

The whole road, the whole pass is adorned with ancient yet well preserved cabins and mines and what looked like a very small village…

Uh, shaking.  Breathless.  Literally breathless, um, I made my own sunset…

I’m probably forgetting things ’cause my mind has been stunned by god.  God set his phaser to stun and shot it right at me.”




06-12-18- Entry 79- South on Highway 62 between Ridgeway and Placerville

“If you’re driving into the sun in a valley that alternates shadow and light, and your windshield is riddled with bug carcasses, don’t ever start washing your windows, like, while driving with the wipers, and the spray, and the whatnot, while you’re in the sun transitioning into shadow.  It will kill you, as it almost did me.  Lesson.  Road trip lesson #418, or something like that.”


06-12-18- Entry 89- Rico, Colorado

“Ol’ Rico, Colorado is a little no stoplight, ass-crack of a town that might work for a sce-little bit.  Passin’ a bar, organic espresso, gas station, and a fire truck.  Looks like there’s a shitload of locals millin’ around here at the dawn of dusk.  Anyways, I amuse myself.  Um, let me catch a mile marker here.  I think we’re about…they’re goin’ down or up.  We’re on 145 headin’ towards Deloris.

Rico, Colorado.  I like that.  Johnny Rico.  Anywho, mile 46.  It’s going down.  So, I don’t know if I have 46 miles to where?  To Cortez?  Nice little hut there.  Little house.  Shack.  Hiiigh rustic Aspen furniture.  Blah, blah, blah.  Got the headlights goin’.  Turned the heat on.  It’s down to 55 after peakin’ at 96 when we were in the heat sink, heat island that was Montrose.  Sigh, I like this a lot.  I gotta pee though.”


Hope you’re enjoying this as much as I.

Until next time, don’t bother me.  What is this?



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