Badass Sci Fi Road Trip- Day 2- Part V

Transcription update; 194 entries, 118 pages.  Exactly half way through.  We’re really scootin’ now!  Let’s get back to the Grand Canyon!

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06-13-18- Entry 142- Grand Canyon South Rim near Yavapai Point and Geology Museum

Just got finished…watchin’ the sun set over Grand Canyon.  It’s about 8:05 Pacific Daylight time.  Local time.  N-s…indescribable, sigh.  I did take a shitload of pictures, but I also just sat, basked in the glory…I ran…I would say a half mile, walked quickly another half mile to get here…um…and climbed down a little bit and sat on a ledge lookin’ straight over the canyon.


It was like runnin’ to get a GA seat at Red Rocks. and instead of Red Rocks, it was like a thousand, million times Red Rocks.  So, I had a front row seat in my GA section…I wasn’t the closest out of everybody I saw.  There was a couple people on the outcropping to the west that were braver than I.


See the people?

Now I’m walking back towards the visitor center.  Gettin’ ready for…stargazing tour…Met a really cool guy at the, not the visitor center, ’cause it was closed at six, but I got here about 6:30…Told me the best place to catch the sunset and…where to hike to the bottom tomorrow…Got some books; geology, flora and fauna, hiking trails, and a red light headlamp fer tonight, so I don’t look like a complete idiot, as I’m walking here on the rim trail talking into a digital voice recorder.

06-13-18- Entry 143- Grand Canyon Visitor Center

Thinkin’ about what trail to hike tomorrow.  Wanna, like Ryan said, wanna get…wanna get into the gut of the canyon…

So, you might could say that I had several near death experiences over the last couple a days.  Not that I was in any great fear of dying, but you take one step over some of the places I was standing…and I’d be dead.  But, got me thinkin’.  Isn’t life itself a near death experience?

06-13-18- Entry 144- Grand Canyon Star Party- Overflow Employee Parking Lot (this entry is 35 minutes long, even though I thought I stopped recording at the 1:35 mark)

Hangin’ out at the star party.  Tuscon Astronomers Club.  Grand Canyon Astronomy Association.  San Diego…Entirely out of my depth.  Not even in the same ballpark.  Different league.  Different sport.  Overwhelming.  Absolutely overwhelming.  Fascinating.  Mind-blowing…stuff here.  Oh, my, gosh.  Makes me wish I was nocturnal walkin’ around ’cause…you can’t see…a whole lot.  I mean, there’s just a sea of people walkin’ around in the dark with red lights.  I did get my red light headlight.


Just amazing.  But, wishin’ I was nocturnal…begs the next question.  Do you think cats can see the stars?  ‘Cause…I don’t think you could be, with the exposure…and the filters and your eyes…I don’t think…you could be nocturnal and also see the night sky…Can cats see the stars?

[The rest is mostly a tour guide explaining weather patterns and constellations that I will have to try and transcribe at a later date.]

06-13-18- Entry 145- Grand Canyon Star Party

…Oh, my, god.  That with the star party, sigh.  I mean, every place I go, I could stay all day long, but…I’m getting what I need…I’m, jeez…so…There’s a whole world out there that’s rife (?) for the exploration…

I walked off the path right into a fuckin’ fence ’cause it was dark as shit out there…Holy cow…Those guys are gonna stay out there all night…It’s amazing and…they’re just gonna have a fascinating time the whole while they’re there…It’s crazy…


Live feed of a ring nebula as seen on a computer hooked up to a big, expensive ass telescope.

I can’t wait to share the next part with you.  It’s even crazier.

Until next time, don’t bother me.  I’m trying to see the stars.  Last sunset over Grand Canyon pic, I promise!


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