Badass Sci Fi Road Trip- Day 2- Part VII

Transcription update- 214 Entries, 139 pages.  Finished with day 3!  I promise, I’m more judicious with subsequent days.  You’ll love it!  And now, the aftermath of my night stroll…


06-13-18- Entry 147- Near [location deleted] in the Grand Canyon National Park

So that was a fuckin’ adventure!  My little…attempt at amateur film making, which I will admit, there are a couple of fuckin’ scary parts in that little five minute video…

Just wanted to get a feel for what it was like, what it would be like…in the…campsite…and thanks to my new special effect of the red light headlight…I got some good shit.


06-13-18- Entry 148- Same

…And the scariest thing about that whole…ordeal…was that I had to do it twice.  I was sure the second time…I did it, I’d already roused all the evil spirits and demons…  The second time they’d be fuckin’ waitin’ to jump on me.

It was good stuff.  Bristlecone pines are a fuckin’ scary lookin’ tree at night with a headlamp.  But that was tits!  Fuckin’ midnight stroll on the rim of the Grand Canyon…  Damn, that was fun!


06-13-18- Entry 149- West on 64 going back to Tusayan

Couple of random thoughts…  Back to the hotel, lodge, hotel.  Hotel that the shower head is about five feet tall.  I mean, this lodge has, must have been around for 200 years…when people were a lot shorter…’cause that thing was hittin’ me, like, in the nipples…at its highest point.  I was squatting to wash my hair.  In the shower, squatting.

06-13-18- Entry 152- Tusayan, Arizona {Warning- Opposable and Spire Spoilers}

It came back to me lyin’ in bed at fuckin’ 12:30 at night.  It’s Sho.  It’s the end of Opposable…[3:30 inaudible (wink)].  Are you following me?  [6:30 inaudible]  …It’s something disparaging.  It might come back to me…  So, there you have it.

You really think I’d do that?  If you contact me, I may give you some more details, but, artistic license, you know.

Anyway, thanks for continuing the journey with me.  Tomorrow, we start day three- the first hike and Route 66!

Until next time, don’t bother me…Ghasm!


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