Badass Sci Fi Road Trip- Day 3- Part II

Transcription update- 255 entries, 165.5 pages.  Just made it to Jerome, Arizona.  Can’t wait to tell you about that incredible little town.  But now, the first hike, part two.


06-14-18- Entry 163- Indian Garden

Just got to…just a sec…Indian Garden.  Took me about an hour to get from Pipe Creek to Indian Garden.  2.6 miles.  Got four and a half miles to go…uh…3000 foot climb.  So, it’s about 100 degrees…and I’m gonna fill up the camelback and take a little break and start the last leg…


06-14-18- Entry 164- Indian Garden

Found a nice shade tree by the waterin’ fountain…  Squirrels are fat around here.  Too many people feedin’ ’em, I believe…  But, uh, couple more hours ahead of me, I’d imagine.


06-14-18- Entry 165- Leaving Indian Garden

Last third…  So, four and a half from South Kaibab to Tipoff, 4.6 from Tipoff over Tonto to Indian Garden, and 4.5 from Indian Garden to Bright Angel Trailhead.

So far the…grade isn’t too bad…Kaibab seemed a lot steeper…  I’m really glad I went this way…laugh…It’d be a false sense of security if I went the other way.

Four and a half.  Figure I got at least…another…I’m gonna call it two hours…  Lovin’ every minute of it…


06-14-18- Entry 167- Between Indian Garden and 3 Mile Resthouse

Literally evaporating into thin air…  Went through my camelback, plus a bunch of my canteen…just between…Kaibab and Indian Garden.  I feel like I’m gonna go through…about a bag…just between Indian Garden…and Bright Angel…

Tryin’ to reach the…3 Mile Resthouse…  I’m feeling the last two…are gonna suck, but…can’t wait to do it…

06-14-18- Entry 168- 3 Mile Resthouse

Yeah, strugglin’, yeah…  Just (inaudible) at the 3 Mile House, which means I have three miles…to go…  Last mile and a half took me an hour and ten minutes…

06-14-18- Entry 169- Leaving 3 Mile Resthouse

It is…1:40 on my watch.

06-14-18- Entry 170- Between 3 Mile Resthouse and 1 1/2 Mile Resthouse

Just so gorgeous.  It’s the Grand fuckin’ Canyon.  The Supordinary Canyon.  (wind blowing)  That, that is the sound of cool freshness.  Ooh, did ya hear that?  That’s the sound of…relief…little thunder in the distance.

…sigh…I bit off just…as much as I can chew, but I’m gonna take my time chewin’ it.


06-14-18- Entry 171- 1 1/2 Mile Resthouse

So, another hour and ten minute mile and a half…

06-14-18- Entry 172- Lower Tunnel

Lower tunnel…I guess which is…supposed to be a mile from…last…rest stop…  I made it in…sigh…about 40 minutes…  Nope, sorry…half a mile.  So, I did a half a mile in 40 minutes.  Now we got a mile to go…until the trailhead.

Goin’ on…8 hours, so…whatever, whenever I get there is when I get there.

06-14-18- Entry 174- Bright Angel Trailhead

I did it.  I made it.  It’s about a quarter after four (my time), so…what is that?  Eight and a quarter hours.  Took me just under four hours to get through…from Indian Garden to…Ah, the sounds of civilization.  Indian Garden to Bright Angel trailhead was four hours to go four and a half miles.

But I did it.  Now I’m walking I don’t know where…  What an incredible experience.  So happy I did it.


06-14-18- Entry 175- Between the Village and the Visitor Center

It’s 4:38 right now, my time…sigh…  Walkin’ from…the Village…the trailhead, Bright Angel…to the Visitor Center, and I don’t know how long that is.  I’ll have to…map it out, but I am a trail zombie right now.  “On a trail, head full a zum-bay!”  (I’ll give two thumbs up and a super-like to the first person who can name that tune.)

06-14-18- Entry 176- Grand Canyon Visitor Center

You know how you feel like you’re about to die, but you’ve never felt more alive?  It’s about 5:30 my time…  Finally got back to my car…and, uh, oh my god…so, once I can formulate a coherent thought…I will continue.


And we shall continue!  Next stop, Route 66!  Thanks for helping me through that ordeal.  It was magical.

Until next time, don’t bother me.  I’m recovering from a hike with my old friend…



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