Badass Sci Fi Road Trip- Day 4- Part III

Transcription update- 341 entries, 230 pages.  Half way through day 8!  We’re getting closer!  Right now, we’re getting closer to Sedona!

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06-15-18- Entry 248- Highway 89A East of Prescott

Pretty much the Prescott Valley is just…a southern extension of the Chino Valley.  Lots of new housing developments on the outskirts…and the hills in front of us.  I see some canyons in the distance…  31 to Cottonwood.  I’m thinkin’ we’re going over this rise on to the next one…  Wide valleys… 

I’m thinkin’ the only trees are planted by landscapers.  Not indigenous.  Without humans, this place would be barren.  But, there’s civilization, and civilized people need trees…

06-15-18- Entry 249- 89A West of Jerome

Now I’m on 89A north.  Jerome 19, Cottonwood 26, Sedona 45.  Gonna explore a little bit.

89A is two lane, so definitely made the right choice here.  I was envisioning a two lane highway…  Now I gotta get…into the canyon.


06-15-18- Entry 250- Same

I think to myself, “Is this worth it?”  Absolutely.  “Am I gonna put it to use?”  Yes.  “Is anyone gonna read this?”  Hopefully…  I’m trying to not only add authenticity to the writing, but either confirm or deny the images that I created in my own mind without being here…  I’ve been right on some occasions and wrong on some.  All part of the journey as we head up the hill…

‘Curves and Mountain Grades Next 12 Miles’  Hell yeah!

Day four of the road trip…  I feel like I get through this and find some locations to scout, and describe, and view, and get in my mind, and take some pictures…  Feel like, this is it.  I mean, get a place that matches what I imagine [location deleted], and we’re basically done.

Mingus Mountains…  Not quite into the canyons, and the whole swallowing deal…hasn’t occurred yet, but knowing we’re going up the Mingus Mountains…pass is good.  Helps me spread and slow it down a little.  Help me flush it out a little bit.  Be a lot more immersive.

06-15-18- Entry 251- Mingus Mountains

It’s pretty up here.  Like going up past Red Rocks to Evergreen…  The mountains aren’t quite as overbearing.  There’s moderate hills, and forests.  But definitely not flat.  It’s like Highway 285 light…whatever’s to the north of 285.

But definitely not flat.  Not a prairie, or a valley, or a plain, grassland.  Getting too caught up in the details, but I’m enjoying it…  I’m enjoying picturing the…picturing the book.  Picture book.  Picture Book; is the mission this road trip.  You will Picture Book!

06-15-18- Entry 252- Same

I do wanna try to squeeze in the use of core borer, ’cause I like that term.  “The bullet drilled through his head like a core borer.”  Sure…


06-15-18- Entry 255- Jerome, Arizona

Entering Jerome.  It’s fuckin’ crazy here.  Now this is what Ouray was in my mind.  So this town is just…it is right on the hairpinned, switchback mountain pass…  There is no shoulder on the outside…which is my right.  I’m going down.

These houses are just right on the road.  This is like the side of a mountain, and it’s crazy.  This is fuckin’ awesome…  This is like…if you put Black Hawk…  This is fucking nuts!  Seriously, if you put Black Hawk…I can’t even describe it…on the side of Loveland pass.  Just flopped it in there, but it’s even more insane than that.

These turns are so tight, through this town, that if your turn radius isn’t like five feet, then you’re fucked.

This is the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a while, and…  This is like putting Morrison on the side of Red Mountain Pass.  It’s fucking nuts!


06-15-18- Entry 256- Jerome

It’s Central City from the 80s on the side of a mountain…  Still pretty fucking shocking when I first drove through it, so I like that.  I like that impression and I’m gonna stick with it.


Yeah, sure, Jerome was alright…  I promise, tomorrow, we’ll be in Sedona!  Stick around!

Until next time, don’t bother me.  I’m high on Jerome.


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