Badass Sci Fi Road Trip- Day 4- Part II

Transcription update- 328 entries, 216 pages.  I know, pretty light day, but the end is in sight.  Almost finished with Day 7!  Now let’s get to some serious, secret, special location scouting!


06-15-18- Entry 235- South on 89 Between Ash Fork and Chino Valley

…Not completely desolate.  Accessible by car.  Still a two lane highway.  [deleted] is two miles…  Six miles, they’re saying.  Oh, ’cause we’re going to [deleted].  I don’t even know what the number of this road is…service, forest service road [deleted]?  Is that what they said?  Is that what she said!?  What did you say!?  Repeat!!

I could see…maybe changin’ this to a nighttime.  See, it’s taken me…11:05.  When did we leave Ash Fork?  Anyways, I told you the mileage, so you figure it out.  I gotta get a timeline that’s…somewhat accurate.  Grand Canyon to Sedona is a day…so…sumbitch…play around with that.

We’re goin’ right by this…factory, so throw that in there.  Detour ahead.  Pavement ends.  Where are we going?  There’s more than one town.  The heck?  Are we goin’ right into this…factory?


06-15-18- Entry 236- Somewhere East of Highway 89

Here’s something different.  I’m going down a dirt road, and I’m kind of hoping it’s not 22 miles of washboard.  Dusty, dry, dirt road.  Primitive Road- Caution.

Bullet hole ridden signs.  Lots of pretty old railroad bridges going over gulleys and washes.  We’ve gone from washboard to choppy asphalt.  I like it.  Now we’re kind of barren on the sides, heading east towards some plateaus…mesas…  Could be a quick hidey-hide…


06-15-18- Entry 239- Somewhere Farther East of Highway 89

Fire road [deleted], which however bad [deleted] was, this is twice as bad.  Every turn I take…leads me on to an incrementally smaller and smaller dirt road.  I’m surrounded by barren, pale, beige glasslands…prairies.  Power lines in the distance.

But, I’m committed.  I’m being safe.  Got plenty of gas, plenty of water, plenty of Red Vines.

06-15-18- Entry 240- Somewhere Farther East of Highway 89

Supposedly [deleted] was demolished on my birthday in 2016…  Almost two years ago.  But at least I got off the beaten path a little bit.  Went down some forest roads and got some good imagery of a real remote ranch.  Maybe use it as a…hideout…or a place to stock up, instead of a gas station.

But you know…don’t wanna be too boring here.  Keep it interesting.  I was imagining something different.  Maybe an old railroad bridge…they could go pee over.  I mean, really?  It’s where our characters urinate in my book, so not a big deal.

Screenshot_20180615-103554 (2)

06-15-18- Entry 241- Going back to Highway 89

Smells like cement.  Got that fine, fine shale dust smell in the air.  Slate dust.  Could be a slate, chalky kind of smell.  The air smelled like slate chalk.  Unmixed cement.

06-15-18- Entry 245- Chino Valley, Arizona

There was a ‘Bill’s Auto Wrench’, and it was sharing a building with ‘Bob’s Barber’.  Bill’s and Bob’s.  Billy Bob.  Billy Bob Dick.  That would’ve been…too weird if there was like a…’Dick’s Deli’.  ‘Dick’s Deli, Bob’s Barber, and Bill’s…Auto Wrench.’

The roads, I can tell, are starting to load up…as we approach the noon hour.  So I’m sure everybody will be flockin’ flockin’ up to Sedona.  It’s all part of the adventure.  Not like goin’ to the Grand Canyon was an exercise in solitude, other than my hike on Tonto Trail.

Definitely diggin’ these clouds.  Like a continuous white sheet over the sky, blocking out a lot of the sun’s damage.  ‘Cause what have I said?  “The sun is a bitch.”


Ooh, almost to Sedona!  Hope you’re enjoying it.

Until next time, don’t bother me.  And beware of Poker Players and Loose Women in Ash Fork!



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