The FallCon and the Snowstorm: Weathering- Badass Sci Fi Style

“You’ve been a huge pain in my ass, but at least you’re not a complete moron, […] just overwhelmingly ignorant, […] and honest, as well as dangerously naïve.”– Ashleigh

I think she just gave me a double-decker insult sandwich.– Dr. Vanderbilt

Taken from Opposable- The Halteres Chronicles- Book One (New Edition Available Soon!)

That’s how we roll here at Badass Sci Fi; not completely moronic (somewhere on the scale), yet overwhelmingly ignorant and dangerously naïve.

Ignorance ain’t so bad, but naïveté, especially in this gig, will provide you with an endless train of punches to the groin.

So you get what we had here at the MPIBA FallCon–which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it.- Cool Hand Luke (Sorry. When in doubt, quote)

Thanks to our friends at CIPA (Colorado Independent Publishers Association), Badass Sci Fi scored an author showcase. This included a signing and Opposable displayed at their table.

Despite the temperature dropping, along with several inches of snow, we dove in like our hairless scalp was on fire and the conference was a nice, clean hot-tub.

The water’s fine, right? Well, here’s a visual.

Fodder-1 before entering convention.

Convention hall (Unoccupied, so no worries, right?).

Fodder-1 the rest of the day.

That’s alright. We know it ain’t gonna be easy, nothing worth almost-but-not-quite doing is. Plus–

it’s so cool!

Don’t worry, we’re gonna come out clawing, ’cause like the poster says, we–

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, don’t bother me. I’m obeying my master.

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