Opposable V2.0: It’s Got Emojis!


Wishing safety and sanity for all.

Opposable- Second Edition is ready! It’s been sent to the printer and eBook converter, but I have the PDF proof on my grubby little laptop just waiting for you!

IT’S FREE! No strings attached (reviews and feedback are welcome and appreciated). All you gotta do is tell me where to send it. PM me or email me from the Badass Sci Facebook Page or website.

Anyway, out of the 473,558 characters in Opposable, the six I’m most proud of are those little faces. Those boogers were a pain in my keester. They didn’t make it into the first edition. Another reason you need the second edition! 😉 (that was easier)

I also added some fun appendices and trimmed 63 pages from the manuscript. Overall, it’s a tighter and more immersive reading experience.


Until next time…


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