Opposable Review- Amanja Reads Too Much- 4/5 😼🚀Cats In Space

First off, I’d like to thank Amanja for reviewing Opposable for her fantastic blog, Amanja Reads Too Much! She has the voice of a true aficionado and posts reviews of novels, graphic novels, comics, non-fiction, and more all the time. Check it out!

Then read the full reviews of Opposable, without spoilers or with!

On the home front, my sticktoitiveness meter is tracking something like this–

I’m experiencing a bit of a Halteres Universe lull as I search for balance in life. I learned nothing from Cobra Kai.

But you never know when or where or what or who or why will provide the motivation to continue; a unexpected message from an old friend, a great book review, a new job, or the uber-motivator–

That’s right. Nano approaches, and I’m getting ready. I’ve announced my project and updated the cover for the sequel to Opposable, Spire.


Opposable is available on Amazon. $2.99 for the eBook, available on Kindle Unlimited, or get the first four chapters free!

Full eBook.

First four chapters.

If you’re scared, go to Opposable‘s Info Page to find out more.

I’m still looking for more reviews. If you’ve gotten your hands on Opposable, please post a review.

All right, short and sweet today. As always, your interest is much appreciated!

Now, until next time, don’t bother me. I’m having a little trouble with my blood jello.

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