The Secrets of Octor Sulcus Revealed

But not now.  What I will tell you; I’m lying in the dark in an upstairs bedroom at my family’s cabin.  And I’m trying to be quiet.  I challenged myself to post every day until I completed the Badass Road Trip.  This day got a little away from me, so what I have to offer here will be brief, but enticing.


We are about to enter the phase of my journey where I get into tying the actual and fictional road trips together.  The Grand Canyon is significant, not just because it’s really, really big, but it represents a revelatory moment in the novel.

IMG_20180703_222134_LI (2)

I’ll tell you this, the Grand Canyon is Octor Sulcus on Earth.  But where, exactly?  That, I can never tell.  Also, there are some wildly nonsensical transcriptions awaiting publication.  Please stay tuned.


Until next time, don’t bother me.  I’m trying not to bother anyone else.  Shhh…sunset.


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The universe planted many ideas in my mind. I pass them off as my own, but know they're stolen. My ideas gain traction, grow, and consume me. I become my ideas. The universe implants the idea of me in my brain. I am stolen.

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