Badass Sci Fi Road Trip- Day 3- Part I

Transcription update- 239 entries, 152.5 pages.  More than half way through day four.  But today, the first hike.  Let’s get to it!


06-14-18- Entry 154- On 64 north heading to the Grand Canyon

So, I’m on my way back to the Grand Canyon!  Missed the sunrise, but it’s comin’ up over the eastern horizon…over the pines…strafing the road with light.  And I’m gonna hike to the bottom this morning…seeing how long it’ll take.  It’s 6:00, 7:00 Mountain, and I’m lookin’ forward to today.  I think I’m rea…I think I’m prepared…

06-14-18- Entry 155- South Kaibab Trailhead

…about 7:00 local, 8:00 Mountain time.  ‘Bout ready to get on the South Kaibab trail…  Got a few hours ahead of me, but really can’t wait to do this…and get back to the Visitors Center…  When I said get back to the Visitors Center, I’m fully, I’m fully on board with this and I’m ready…  I’m gonna enjoy every moment of it.


06-14-18- Entry 156- Skeleton Point

…Reached my first checkpoint…Skeleton Point…  Took me 80 minutes…to go…3 miles, so, um, not even 3 miles an hour, which means, 6 to 7 hours of hiking…total on this trip. 

Very nice couple gave me a map.  Said I was…(laugh)…said ‘good luck’ and make sure I turn left at…um…The Tipoff…and take Tonto back up to Bright Angel.  Do not go down…  Do not go straight at The Tipoff…

…about 9:20…feel like I’m makin’ good time, but…um…

There’s a sense of…danger…’cause it’s gonna get hot.  I think I’m doin’ well on water.  But…you know, you don’t want it to be…completely known that…it’s gonna be a cakewalk.  You wanna test the limits…and boundaries.

…not gonna make it to the river, but I’m about a third of the way into the canyon…  I know the climb up is gonna be a fuck.  I’m gonna feel like I’m dying…  It’s all part of the journey.

God, I still gotta long way down to go…and then a long way up.  So, conserve water, conserve energy…uh, maybe offer to buy somebody’s backpack off ’em.  ‘Cause that was my biggest mistake…  Got the camelback and my little running Puma bag…  Definitely coulda had more comfortable backwear.


Advanced, expert, extreme hiker!

06-14-18- Entry 157- On Tonto West- WEST

So, now on Tonto East…  Suppose it’s gonna be a long stretch…  Got about as close to the river as possible…at The Tipoff.  Made myself look like a complete dumbass…by asking questions and…asking the wrong questions.

…we’re at four and a half miles in…just about two hours.  So, seven hours is a good estimate, since the last considerable bit is gonna be uphill.

But looks like a nice little ridge…somewhat flat, and uh, yeah, better to look like a dumbass than be dead, I suppose…

06-14-18- Entry 158- On Tonto WEST

Wonder if the guy from Barcelona is gonna follow me, or if he’s gonna think twice…  Don’t see him on the road behind me.  Maybe he’s smarter than I…  I didn’t ask whether it was a good idea or not, ’cause I’m Superman, and if I start makin’…increasingly…incoherent…entries, and…you never hear from me again, you’ll know that…it was a bad choice…

Capture8 (2)

06-14-18- Entry 159- Tonto West

Tonto West is four and a half miles from Tipoff to Indian Gardens, so 4.6…and, uh, I imagine my biggest fear right now is just gettin’ stung or bit or eaten here in the…mid-level plains of the Grand Canyon.

06-14-18- Entry 161- Tonto West

…Two and a half hours in…  Startin’ to sweat balls out here…  Once I get to Pipe Creek it’ll be 6.7, so almost seven miles…about half way…  Now keep in mind that the last few miles are gonna be uphill…  Mentally prepare for the pain.

…You’re gonna do this.  It’s gonna be remarkable.  It already is remarkable…since I’ve been remarking on it this whole time.


06-14-18- Entry 162- Pipe Creek on Tonto West

I made it to Pipe Creek point of origin…  2.4 miles to Indian Garden…  On the road for almost three hours…

Mr. Barcelona did not follow me…kinda scary.  Oh well, I’m on this trail, been on this trail, by myself the whole time.  Not the safest decision, but I’m not really playin’ it safe right now.  Takin’ chances.  Don’t regret it so far, ’til a scorpion or fuckin’ rattlesnake gets me…  I’m gonna keep sayin’ that and jinx myself.  “Nothing will do harm to me on this hike, not even the sun.”

Did put on some sunscreen…  Kinda worried about puttin’ it on my face, ’cause I’m gonna be sweatin’ balls, and it’s gonna fuckin’…get into my eyes and sting…  Oh well, it’s part of the adventure.

A little longer post today, just because I want to get through this hike as quickly as possible!  It was incredible, looking back.  I’m glad you joined me, being the expert hiker I am.

Until next time, don’t bother me.  I’m hiking…


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